The Alternative to Creating A US Business

In the posts “Types of US Business Entities” and “LLC, C Corp or S Corp” we covered the types and benefits of the most common forms of business entities created by overseas organizations.

There is, however, an alternative path to doing business in the US - one that reduces risk, provides a pathway for smaller businesses and offers the ability for larger businesses to conduct a market test before launching a full organization in the US.

A Global Employment Organization, utilizing an Employer of Record status, conducts all the administrative, human resource, payroll, taxation and other activities associated with running a business in the US. As they are already compliant with all Federal and State filing requirements, the administrative burden on the overseas business entity is greatly reduced. This allows resources to focus on the core business functions without having to engage in the creation and setup of a US business entity.

Often Global Employment Organizations can provide local staffing to overseas businesses within a short timeframe, saving time and costs for hiring local staff to operate the business.

Areas such as Intellectual Property, accounting and reporting must be considered carefully before engaging in this model.

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