Is Delaware the place to incorporate?

This small state in the North East of the United States is home to 60% of the Fortune 500 and 50% of all publicly traded companies. 

What makes it is so attractive? 
Delaware is the most business friendly of the 50 states, with statutes and courts specifically aimed at businesses that ease both the setup and the running of a business. Delaware’s business laws are extremely familiar to business lawyers, making questions about incorporation and other business matters easier to find answers to.

Delaware's tax laws are also extremely friendly to businesses. This is perhaps one of the most attractive elements to foreign businesses looking to establish themselves in the US.

For instance:

A business formed in Delaware, that doesn’t conduct business there, is not subject to corporate sales tax. 

Non-Residents of Delaware are not liable for personal income tax nor are state taxes payable on stock shares owned by people who do not live in Delaware. 

Delaware, unlike other states, does not require that corporate officers be named in formation documents, affording a greater level of privacy, which can be very attractive for foreign businesses.

Investors also prefer businesses that are incorporated in Delaware when seeking new investment opportunities.

Overall Delaware offers many advantages to foreign businesses looking to incorporate in the United States.