Taking Steps Into the US Marketplace

Having decided that your organization should establish a presence in the US, there are several steps to consider as part of the process.

Step One - Careful Research

Before taking the legal steps of establishing a business presence, organizations should consult with an advisor who can guide them through both the legal and business implications of creating a business entity in the US.

An essential part of the preparation process is market research. Just because your product or service does well in your home country, or even the region in which your business is currently located, doesn’t mean that success will translate to the US.

Like every other country, the US has a very distinct culture which varies across the country. What is appealing in New York might not be so appealing in Arizona. What captures the imagination of a California resident may well be of no interest to a resident of Missouri. 

Without careful research it is easy to overlook the nuances of American culture and perspectives.

Partnering with an advisor who has access to established US-based market researchers is essential to ensure that these and other important considerations are uncovered.