Why Your B2B Organization Needs A Digital Strategy

Digital strategies are often thought of as being the realm of the business to consumer (B2C) market. However, times have changed and so has the digital marketplace. Business to Business (B2B) organizations need a digital strategy every bit as much as a B2C organization.

A solid digital strategy should combine two major elements, creating demand and responding to demand.

There are a large number of digital platforms available for organizations looking to leverage data for their demand generation activity. One such platform that has seen significant results is Rollworks. Consulting company SpringBox outlines how they made significant gains on behalf of their clients here.

Social Media is often seen as being strongly aligned with B2C demand response. The reality is more complex than that.

Twitter, while not as popular as a general communication tool, has become a leader in both breaking news and as a customer service platform for all size businesses.

Facebook is so focused on Business as a channel that they have released Facebook Workplace. It provides a communication platform that includes messenger, groups, and calling, in exactly the same way as the Facebook many of your employees are already using in their personal lives. This gives it an immediate advantage in that the interface is already familiar. For businesses with multi-location employees this type of digital tool can be extremely valuable.

Forums, including places like Reddit, often host conversations and threads that are relevant to B2B business - for example https://www.reddit.com/r/b2bmarketing/ provides a group of relevant  conversations around marketing for the B2B organization.

Ensuring demand generation and demand response are part of a digital strategy is essential for any organization.