Incorporation and Setup - US Market Entry

Setting up a US corporate entity. Understanding the hiring and employment practices. And the financial accounting needs in the US.

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There are several options in every US state for incorporation.  Most are very easy and inexpensive to setup but have very different short and long term implications to your business and how you can run it.  Together with our partners, we can recommend the right organizational entity to best suit your needs.

hiring & employment

Very different from the EU is the only way to describe hiring and employment practices in the US.  Relative to the EU, the US environment is much more business friendly.  But to attract top talent, you will need to offer competitive benefits and compensation. Together with our partners, we can develop the right structure and best practices for you.

financial accounting

Together with our trusted partners and agencies, we can help structure your organization and recommend best practices navigating the accounting, tax and transfer possibilities in the US.