Market Research - US Market Entry

Developing a clear picture of the US market. Developing a detailed profile of your potential US customers.  Understanding the competition, direct and indirect.  Industry trends in the US.  And the internal core competencies you will need to succeed.

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We can identify and develop detailed customer profiles for your target market. Including both demographics and behavoural insights.  It starts by understanding who your customer is and what motivates them to purchase your products and services.


A detailed understanding of your competitor's brand, products and services is essential to your success.  We can evaluate and present the price:value landscape from the customers perspective; to best understand how you fit in the competitive landscape.


Where will the industry be in the next year, five years or ten years?  We will analyze the historical trends of the industry in the US, projected growth rates, identify potential disruptive changes,  and legal or legislative challenges that might be present.

Internal core competencies

What are the unique skills, people and competencies you need to succeed in the US market?  What does your internal team need to include to be successful?  We will work with you to answer these questions.